First of all, JOJOBA is an evergreen bush native to the Sonoran Desert regions of Arizona, California, and Mexico. It also produces a coffee bean-like seed which contains approximately 50% Jojoba oil.

Mother Nature made this oil unique, as it is unlike all other vegetable oils that consist mainly of triglycerides, composed of long-chain liquid wax esters.

These esters are primarily built of C-20 to C-22 long-chain unbranched monoenoic fatty acids and fatty alcohols. The oil acts as an excellent moisturizer for dehydrated skin. It can also be used as a deep cleanser, protect chapped lips, treat dry cuticles, soften dry hands and smooth cracked feet. The possibilities are limitless.

We offer:
• Jojoba Gold and Gold Organic
• Jojoba Lite (Clear) and Lite Organic (Clear Organic)

Most of Desert King’s jojoba comes from Peruvian plantations situated in an area that was once made up of sand dunes. These were ecosystems of poor species, only certain plants survived. There were no forests, no bushes, only sand. Almost no plants were found, just a few animals. Jojoba is not native to Peru but adapts very well to semi-arid regions. It develops long roots which are deeply embedded in the soil. Thus the jojoba hedges act as windbreakers, preventing wind erosion and stopping sand from drifting. It also prevents desertification of adjacent areas i.e. re-vegetation of the desert. This has been done in a very responsible manner because the jojoba plant is adapted to live in comparable climates and in this case, less irrigation is needed.




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