Purple Clay

2019-06-05T15:57:37-04:002ndMay 2019|

Because of its many properties, especially cosmetic, the Purple Clay is suitable for pure application or as an active in formulations, such as:   • Shampoos, conditioners, and masks for all hair types; • Setting sprays and setting powders; • Natural and organic formulations; • Products in general for sensible skin   PROPERTIES of Purple Clay [...]

9 Natural Colors you Should Know About

2018-08-20T18:17:47-04:0020thNovember 2015|

Who wouldn’t want a color with benefits? Beraca offers an exotic line of nine natural Brazilian clays, all with a unique color and distinct cosmetic benefits. There are absolutely no artificial dyes or pigments and the extraction is done through a selective and sustainable process. The colors are variations of minerals and oligoelements offered by [...]