Tinogard® AS is a non-ionic, oil soluble, broad-band UV filter with strong performance over the whole UV-range. It protects personal care formulations from UV-light induced decomposition and thus prevents fading or discoloration of products that are exposed to light.

The use of UV-filters for product protection is essential in formulations, which are exposed to UV radiation (e.g transparent packaging).Tinogard® AS is an oil-soluble product protectant which is suitable for all kinds of oils and emulsions used in personal care applications. In the case of emulsions, incorporation into the oil phase is recommended.

Protects colors and other light-sensitive ingredients from photolytic and/or photo-oxidative degradation and thus improves the stability of formulations which are exposed to UV radiation. The effectiveness can be enhanced by combination with chelating agents and/or antioxidants.



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