Texapon® N 70 NA is a high active ether sulfate.The absence of by-products allows the formulator the widestlatitude in selecting and attaining critical performance, fragrance and color objectives. Unlike other highactive ether sulfates, Texapon® N 70 NA contains no ethyl or isopropyl alcohol eliminating any fire hazard.Texapon® N 70 NA is milder at use concentration than sodium lauryl sulfate and sodium laureth-1-sulfate.

Benefits ofTexapon® N 70 NA:

  • Equivalent to 2.7 batches of low active
  • Reduces Carbon Footprint by 66%
  • Eco-Hybrids with renewable coconut feedstock
  • Can be cold processed
  • Self-preserved by limited water content
  • Can be processed with existing plant equipment
  • Short ROI on equipment, if needed
  • No solvents present; No VOC


Where Does Our Oil Come From?

Texapon® N 70 NA



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