SunCaps™–Encapsulated UV Filters

Performance through Innovation with Tagra.

SunCaps™ Tagra

SunCaps™ are innovative encapsulated UV filters, hermetically entrapped and sealed within unbreakable transparent cellulose-based polymer shells, which improve the UV protection profile, prevent skin penetration and increase photostability. Tagra’s patented SunCaps™ overcome incompatibilities among UV filters. The SunCaps™ encapsulated UV filters range includes:

This range includes:

  • AvoCap™ encapsulated Avobenzone 56% payload and 14% of Octocrylene
  • OmcCap™ encapsulated Octyl Methoxycinnamate, 60% payload
  • HomCap™ encapsulated Homosalate, 60% payload
  • OctiCap™ encapsulated Octisalate 60% payload
  • ZinoCap™ encapsulated ZnO, 70% payload
  • TitanCap™ encapsulated TiO2, 70% payload


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