SiCaps are a delivery system of encapsulated silicones for the design of unique and innovative formulations. SiCaps™ allow the introduction of high silicone concentrations. Silicones are released upon application and there is no effect on rheology or viscosity of the formulation. This product can be used in water based formulations and improves stability, overcoming incompatibilities. There is no need for surfactants.

Features & Benefits of SiCaps

  • Improved spreading onto the skin
  • No greasy feel
  • Provide cushion and playtime of personal care products
  • Can be combined with actives
  • Average microcapsules size: 100 µm
  • Available in powder and/or in slurry form


  • Skin Care
  • Pressed Powders
  • Sun Care Formulations
  • Men’s Grooming
  • Color Cosmetics