The Lutensol XL 80 is a nonionic branched nonionic surfactant with 8degree of ethoxylation and 100 % concentration. It is an alkyl polyethylene glycol ethers made from a C10-Guerbet alcohol and alkylene oxides. It is a clear to cloudy liquid, at room temperature, but becomes clear at 50 °C.

Readily Biodegradable and widely used in detergents and cleaners due to the surface activity it displays. Can be combined with anionic, cationic and nonionic surfactants and are fully compatible with alkyl-lauryl sulfonates, othersulfates and other sulfated and sulfonated products, as well as dyes, pigments, and thickeners. The versatility of the Lutensol XL 80 is such that it can be used to formulate acidic, alkaline and neutral cleaners that satisfy the most varied requirements.


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