Fucoreverse by LesSonia: Fucoidans are polymers composed mainly of sulfated fucose. They are high molecular weight molecules: 50 to 1000 k0alton.
They are known to demonstrate a wide range of biological activities including stimulation of cellular metabolism and immunomodulation.

Using the unique technology developed by LESSONIA the fucoidans can be hydrolyzed until an extremely low molecular weight is obtained. Fucoreverse is a combination of fucose mono-. di- and trimers.
The molecular weight is below 2 k0a. The second interest of this technology is to saturate the fucose molecules in sulfated groups.

Furthermore, Fucoreverse has shown to significantly increase the proliferation as well a significant effect on collagen synthesis.

Fucoreverse is an anti-aging marine active that enables to visibly reduce wrinkles by protecting and stimulating the synthesis of the dermis’s extracellular matrix.

A clinical study against placebo, conducted on 42 subjects has shown a significant reduction of wrinkles’ depth after 4 weeks of 1,5% Fucoreverse application in a formulation.

Its unique composition is linked to a hydrolyze technology which enables to obtain small fractions of very sulfated fucoidans with a low molecular weight (below 2kDA).

This composition explains the strong biological activity and cutaneous absorption capabilities.




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