The 1000 kg containers are affiliated to a recycling system that guarantees free pick-up and sensible utilisation of used containers throughout Europe. The labels are made of PE. Our packaging materials contain no PVC and are recyclable.


 Used as a preservative for cosmetics and toiletries. The product is used at a recommended use concentration of 0.5 – 1.0 %. In accordance with the conditions stipulated in Directive 76/768/EEC euxyl® PE 9010 may be used in cosmetic preparations (leave-on and rinse-off) in a use concentration up to a maximum of 1.1%.

As active substance phenoxyethanol (90%) is used in euxyl® PE 9010. As an auxiliary compound the formulation additionally contains ethylhexylglycerin in a concentration of 10%. Both substances have undergone extensive toxicological testing. On the basis of the results with the given upper concentration limit of 1.1%

Can be considered safe for the preservation of cosmetics and toiletries.

Furthermore, a skin tolerability study (occlusive patch test) of euxyl® PE 9010 compared to phenoxyethanol showed that there is no difference in skin tolerability between euxyl® PE 9010 and phenoxyethanol. During the entire test period no reactions to either phenoxyethanol or euxyl® PE 9010 used in the maximum use concentrations could be observed. This skin tolerability test has been carried out on Caucasian skin in Germany and on Japanese skin in Japan.

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