C-Pep™Tricoll is a natural constituent for producing healthy skin. It functions as the factors involved in health and skin turnover process, such as collagen synthesis, after tissue injury or during skin remodeling. Therefore, C-Pep™Tricoll is claimed to be a factor that facilitates stem cell proliferation. It also functions as a wound-healing or anti-wrinkle agent attributed to its effect on inducing the growth of fibroblast, therefore a synthesis of collagen.


  • stem cell proliferation
  • initiates the synthesis of collagen stimulation
  • strengthens the connective tissue


A study on type-I collagen synthesis was carried out to evaluate the collagen boosting effect. Cells were applied with C-Pep™ Tricoll at concentrations of 50 and 100 ppm and incubated for 24 hours before collagen stimulation analysis. The growth factor TGF-TB1, on the other hand, serves as a positive control in the in-vitro system.

Results show an outstanding stimulated amount of quantified collagen by C-Pep™Tricoll – up to 158% of collagen stimulation was observed at the concentration of 100 ppm as compared with control.


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