Fresh Kiss Beauté by Roquette®

2019-07-19T14:53:21-04:0022ndMay 2019|

Due to the use of Beauté by Roquette® PO 500, this alcohol-free oral spray acts on the oral microbiota by reducing the growth of pathogen microorganisms responsible for halitosis. It is sweetened with two non-cariogenic polyols, Beauté by Roquette® PO 370 & Beauté by Roquette® PO 160 acting to reduce mouth dryness while Beauté by [...]

Lips Candy Syrup Beauté by Roquette®

2019-07-19T14:55:08-04:0022ndMay 2019|

Lips Candy Syrup Beauté Get fruity with this moisture-boosting lip care! Enriched with a blend of vegetal derived humectants Beauté By Roquette® PO 070 and PO 370 and film-forming agent Beauté By Roquette® ST 720, this syrup-like texture glides easily onto your lips for moisturization and a smooth finish without stickiness.   Sequence Trade Name [...]

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