Anti-age Serum Concentrate

2020-01-27T10:19:52-05:0022ndMay 2019|

Due to the use of our naturally gentle exfoliating PolyHydroxyAcid Beauté by Roquette® GA 290 and our highly pure moisturizer Beauté by Roquette® PO 160, this effective serum regenerates epidermis and improves skin hydration and tone. Beauté by Roquette® DS 112 gives to this O/W emulsion a unique texture and velvet feel, leaving skin smooth [...]

Cleansing Powder Beauté by Roquette®

2020-03-19T15:32:49-04:0022ndMay 2019|

Formulated with baking soda that is activated when mixed with water to bubble out into a voluminous micro-fine lather, this soft powder cleanses away impurities from your face. Loaded with our naturally gentle exfoliating PHA, Beauté by Roquette® GA 290, this formulation deeply cleanses the pores and clears the build-up of dead skin cells and [...]

Eco Dry Cream

2019-06-06T07:23:15-04:0021stMay 2019|

ECO DRY CREAM Sequence Trade Name INCI Name % A   Water up to 100%     BENTONITE 3 B BEAUTE BY ROQUETTE® PO 160 Sorbitol 6.0     BUTYLENE GLYCOL 4.0     XANTHAN GUM 0.20 C   Water 1.0     SODIUM PHYTATE 0.1 D   CETEARYL GLUCOSIDE AND SORBITAN OLIVATE 3.0 E [...]

Facial Peeling

2019-06-06T07:23:15-04:0021stMay 2019|

FACIAL PEELING Sequence Trade Name INCI Name % A   Water 87.50   BEAUTE BY ROQUETTE ® DS 112 Starch acetate Hydroxyethylcellulose Xanthan gum. 4     SODIUM BENZOATE 0.40     GLYCERIN 2.0 B   ALCOHOL 5     FRAGRANCE 0.10 C BEAUTE BY ROQUETTE ® GA 290 IN SOLUTION AT 50% Gluconolactone Reach [...]

Facial Peeling Gel Beauté by Roquette®

2020-01-27T10:19:52-05:0022ndMay 2019|

This facial peeling gel is based on our naturally gentle exfoliating PHA Beauté by Roquette® GA 290 to assist in removing dead skin cells, dirt and unclogging pores. It helps to condition and balance the skin, leaving it feeling fresh, smooth, renewed, and healthy looking. Beauté by Roquette® PO 070 acts as an efficient moisturizer [...]

Fresh Kiss Beauté by Roquette®

2019-07-19T14:53:21-04:0022ndMay 2019|

Due to the use of Beauté by Roquette® PO 500, this alcohol-free oral spray acts on the oral microbiota by reducing the growth of pathogen microorganisms responsible for halitosis. It is sweetened with two non-cariogenic polyols, Beauté by Roquette® PO 370 & Beauté by Roquette® PO 160 acting to reduce mouth dryness while Beauté by [...]

Under Eye Mask Beauté by Roquette®

2019-06-06T07:23:15-04:0022ndMay 2019|

Formulated with our film forming modified starch Beauté by Roquette®ST 720 and enriched with anti ageing active Beauté by Roquette® GA 290, firming agent Beauté by Roquette® CD 110 and humectant Beauté by Roquette®PO 070, this innovative hydrogel under eye mask smoothes away traces of fatigue and helps diminish signs of ageing. This unique eye-opening [...]

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