Illumination Warming Mask

2019-06-06T07:23:32-04:0020thMay 2019|

Illumination Warming Face Mask is an innovative cold-process anhydrous mask that improves skin’s luminosity. The formulation, with its combination of eco-designed cosmetic actives and exotic oils, exhibits holographic properties. When “activated” with water, it generates a pleasurable warming sensation. The rinse-off process also forms a lotion that keeps skin hydrated and the mask’s active ingredients [...]

Spot Action Bouncy Gel

2019-06-06T07:23:28-04:0020thMay 2019|

The superior cushioning properties of Hallstar’s Olivem® 2020 emulsifier give our new Spot Action Bouncy Gel its amazing texture and “bounce-back” effect. By adding the anti-inflammatory benefits of Diam Oléoactif ®, we empowered this formulation to reduce and prevent skin redness. Spot Action Bouncy Gel is also enriched with whitening active ingredients such as Eurol®WHT [...]

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