Cream for Skin Fold

Cream for Skin Fold Cream for Skin Fold contains olive oil derived ingredients which helps to calm, soothe and protect irritations. Olivem®1000 soothes and calms sensitive skin and ultimately fight the inflammatory process. Sensolene® is endowed with emollient properties, it also adds an elegant appearance and texture to the formulation. Get relief from red, sore [...]

2020-03-19T15:40:01-04:0027th January 2020|

Crystal Leave-On Conditioner

  Crystal Leave-On Conditioner nourishes and revitalizes the hair fiber giving an immediate enhanced look. Apply this creamy conditioner to your hair and enjoy the pleasant, flowing touch that Sensolene® and Oliwax® confer to the formulation: you’ll feel your fingers pleasantly slip across the hairs, detangling knots and smoothing lengths, while the liquid crystal structures made by [...]

2020-06-11T11:32:52-04:0011th June 2020|

Hydrating Leave-On Conditioner

Hydrating Leave-On Conditioner Turn your hair care routine into a pampering, invigorating experience with this luxurious, multitasking conditioner designed to impart shine, hydration, and protection to stressed-out tresses. The lightweight formula is a product that caters to all your hair care needs. Olivem® 1000, Oliwax®, Florasolvs Sunflower-10 and Avocado oil help your locks retain moisture, while [...]

2020-06-16T12:07:16-04:0016th June 2020|

Recovery Hair Mask

    Recovery Hair Mask Bring back shine and manageability with Recovery Hair Mask, formulated to renew damaged hair. Combining naturally-derived olive oil ingredients, Recovery Hair Mask helps repair dry, over-processed and color-treated hair. So powerful, just a small amount is enough to restore dried out strands to be soft, lustrous and shining in minutes. [...]

2020-06-23T09:54:03-04:0023rd June 2020|

Relipidification Crystal Cleanser

Creamy, rinse cleanser formulated to gently remove make-up and cleanse skin. The milky texture is ideal for delicately cleansing skin on the face and eyes. Olivem®300 and natural vegetable oils provide moisture and Olivem® 1000 improves skin emolliency. Olivem®460 is a mild surfactant with excellent dermatological compliance. Skin is left soft, supple and smooth. Sequence [...]

2019-06-06T07:23:31-04:0020th May 2019|
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