Microzest 25 Carrot Pink

2019-06-05T10:33:50-04:002ndMay 2019|

Microzest 25 Carrot Pink is a plant-based micronized powder. The micronization process ensures soft and smooth textures. For marketing appeal, the purple carrot existed in Central Asia for several centuries before it was brought west by the Arabs in about the 10th century. The greatest diversity of these carrots is found in Afghanistan, Russia, Iran, and [...]

Microzest 25 Gardenia Blue

2019-06-05T10:34:18-04:002ndMay 2019|

Microzest 25 Gardenia Blue is a plant-based micronized powder. The micronization process ensures soft and smooth textures. For marketing appeal, Gardenias are widely used as exotic ornamental flowers in corsages, as houseplants, and in some regions as outdoor plants. A yellow silk dye has been made for centuries from the chemical compound acrocetin extracted from the [...]

Microzest 25 Rice

2019-06-05T10:34:50-04:002ndMay 2019|

Microzest 25 Rice is an extremely fine micronized rice powder with a silky touch. It presents many multifunctional properties thanks to its specific granulometric size dispersion. Differentiate your color-cosmetics with this natural ingredient and its multifunctional properties. Quickly develop unique applications that: • Absorb Sebum • Improve the press ability when used in press powders [...]

Microzest 50

2019-06-05T10:35:54-04:002ndMay 2019|

Microzest 50 from Lessonia: In order to answer the growing demand for natural products for the spa market, Lessonia has developed sophisticated micronization technology to transform raw plants into incredibly fine powders. Microzest 50 products can be used in all galenic preparations for elaborating spa treatments or creating natural or organic skincare products. Micronization of [...]

Microzest 50 Marine

2019-06-05T10:36:22-04:002ndMay 2019|

Discover the potential of the marine resources With many years of experience in the development of cosmetic ingredients and also in algae extracts, Lessonia is one of the leaders in marine ingredients for cosmetic use. Located in Brittany, the leading French region in marine cosmetics, Lessonia has taken its inspiration from its environment to develop [...]

Argan Lip Balm

2019-05-20T08:46:51-04:0020thMay 2019|

Thanks to the properties of the oils and butter it contains, this argan lip balm quickly regenerates and protects the lips while giving them a silky and brilliant feel. Phase Trade Name INCI Name % Powderous Microzest 25 Argan 3,5 Microzest 25 Bamboo 1,5 Pearlescent Pigment 0,4  Oily Shea Butter 24,4 Castor Oil 24 Argan [...]

Eye shadows, green, purple, blue

2019-05-20T08:47:57-04:0020thMay 2019|

The color of this eye shadow is 100% natural. It is mainly due to the deep color of the Microzest 25. Microzest 25 Rice ST, a surface treated grade of rice improve dramatically the softness of this balm. Using the Microzest 25 Carrot pink or Anthocyan pink, you can get purple colors to pink colors. Microzeset [...]

Flower relaxing bathing salt

2019-05-20T08:46:51-04:0020thMay 2019|

Let’s stop using synthetic colors for bathing salts. This salt is colored only with Microzest 25 Gardenia blue and Microzest 25 Carrot pink. Using some Exfoliators is the key of an authentic natural product. Phase Trade Name INCI Name % Salt qsp100 Microzest 25 Gardenia blue 0,4 Microzest 25 Carrot pink 0,8 Cranberry BioExfoliator 2000 [...]