Capixyl for Anti-hair Loss and Hair Regrowth

Capixyl_300x196_thumbUnipex, a world leader in the manufacturing and marketing of innovative active ingredients for the cosmetics and personal care industry has launched Capixyl™, an innovative and unique active complex designed to prevent and stop the hair loss process and stimulate hair growth.

Capixyl™ is a biomimetic peptide combined with a red clover extract. Based on the combined and synergistic action of its two ingredients, Capixyl™ directly targets three contributing factors in hair loss. It prevents hair miniaturization, favors a better hair anchoring, and reduces inflammation, an aggravating factor in hair loss. Capixyl™ is a clinically proven alternative to address hair loss and boost hair growth. Clinical tests demonstrate its effectiveness in increasing the hair density by 46% in addition to being more effective on hair growth than the reference product on the market and without causing side effects.

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